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We are proud to announce that we have released our first episode of our Podcast. For our first release we covered a topic that the majority of Palisade is really excited about: The Polygon Blockchain. Below is a brief run down of the topics. Be sure to give it a listen and join to the discords and tell us if you love or hate Polygon.

polygon blockchain

Layer 1 versus Layer 2 / Sidechains

We discussed what a Layer 1 is compared to the current Sidechain of Polygon and the planned Layer 2 of Polygon.

What dAPPs are on the Polygon Blockchain?

We covered some of our favorite dAPPs that we use on Polygon such as:

What are the risks of the Polygon Blockchain?

The group goes over what we see as some risks when using Polygon. Mostly concerning the centralization aspect of the validator nodes. As well as Polygon recently having a good example of what a full network looks like thanks to Sunflower Farms.

How to get money onto the Polygon Blockchain?

We go over some of the ways we bridge money onto polygon. Currently one of the major setbacks of polygon is the difficulty getting your money there. Until onboarding becomes easier for the average person… Polygon will have troubles growing rapidly.

We also just did a guide on our favorite way to move money from Coinbase to get onto Polygon.