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This week we address how we talk about cryptocurrency, and the social stigma around talking about finance. Here is a brief rundown but be sure to check out the whole episode on your favorite podcast platform.


How do you talk to your friends about Cryptocurrency

For most of us we are pretty open with our friends about crypto. They know that we are interested and invest into crypto. One thing that we all agreed on though is, everyone needs to find their own way, do their own research, and make the decisions themselves.

How do you talk to your family about Cryptocurrency

We are split for the most part on this topic. Some of use have the benefit of being able to openly talk about crypto with our families. Even to the point of being able to talk about what projects we are interested in and being able to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other. The others however have families that don’t want to address finances and believe that crypto is not going to last or don’t even care to entertain the thought.

How do you talk to your co-workers about Cryptocurrency

Once again the group is divided on this one. Half the group freely discusses crypto with coworkers and attempts to answer beginner questions about the space and be the helping hand. The other half prefers to keep it a secret so that they don’t have to have those awkward conversations about volatility in the market.