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Peter Schiff calls market crash, predicts 10s of millions fired from jobs that will never return.

Commodity prices drive Emery Stocks higher as Saudi Aramco knocks off Apple as World’s Most Valuable Company.

GameStop and AMC stocks surge double digit percent today, as markets take a hit

SoftBank claims 26 billion in losses \\on Tech Investments

Coinbase warns users could lose their crypto holdings if the company goes bankrupt after it misses earnings by over 300 million.


Economist who predicted 2008 financial crisis says ‘U.S. economy is about to shut down’


Bitcoin falls to its lowest price since December of 2020, touches 26k.

Australian Bitcoin ETF goes live, to Luke warm fanfare,

anonymous cryptocurrency wallet holding $85,646,174 in bitcoin transfers coins to Gemini, typically a bearish signal to see whales moving coins back onto the exchanges.

Australia’s first Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs go live

Bitcoin reaches lowest point since Dec 2020; here’s what to expect


Number of ETH addresses in profit fall to nearly a two year low. As ETH fails to hold 2k early today.

800 M eth flow into exchanges, selling pressure mounts while markets bleed.

$1,500 ETH could trigger over $300 million in liquidations according to FXSTREET.

Number of Ethereum addresses in profit drops to 21-month low with over half in a loss


Luna falls under a cent as Terra Blockchain officially Halts, Binance delists Luna/USDT contracts on its platform.

XRP looses its spot to chain-link reaching a 13-month low.
SEC Accuses crypto exchanges of trading against their clients.

AMC CEO says a third of online payments are crypto

AMC Theatres CEO says a third of online payments are made using crypto

SEC chief accuses crypto exchanges of trading against clients

XRP falls to a 13-month low as it loses value to Chainlink, here’s what’s next


Arrington Capital removes all mentions of ties to anchor protocol and its 100m investment.

Anchor protocol below $9 billion from $14 billion in februrary. Price falls 60+%

TVL of DEFI drops to its lowest market cap since October of last year.

Leveraged Yield Farming on Stargate release on Abracadabra.


Ape coin price rebounds after 80% fall in two weeks.
Crypto Fight Club NFT Holders Now Have Access to 150+ Games on Arcadeland
EverRUN releases on the Binance Smart chain with plans for be a lifestyle app with sneaker NFT’s